N.S.S. has been working for all round development of student by inculcating social responsibility. The parent university sanctioned one unit on 20th December 2002 Initially the unit began with 50 volunteers. The natural growth in the strength and interest of students in N.S.S. activates started rising day by day. The university Sanctioned second unit as per demand of the college. The college has been running conducing special annual camp from last 14 years. The devotion of our volunteers has a major share to acclaim villages like Khambegaon, Changephal and Govindpur as recipients of state and National level Narmal Gram Award. we are proud of our around 750 fully devoted NSS volunteers fill date in the department of NSS. ion for future.


The NSS indulges in a wide range of activities, which includes the regular activities and the special camping programme. Regular activities :-
1. Blood detection camps, blood donation etc.
2. Campus cleaning.
3. Celebration of important days.
4. Various cultural activities aiming at personality development of student.
5. Tree Plantation program


NSS Program officer

1) Dr. M.B.Bhosale
2) Dr. B.B. Mankare


Special camping programme

Special camps of 7 days duration from an integral part of the NSS activities. The camps are conducted every year in villages or slums. By its altruistic activities the NSS unit volunteers have reached out to the backward masses. The volunteers work in these regions for hygiene education, anti-plastic campaign and to eradicate illiteracy. The camp are also aimed at the development of durable community assets like roads, canals, sanitation and other similar projects.


Role of NSS programmer officer

NSS activity is the best network for social work. in village the real resource of Indian is available; many awareness programmes organized by NSS are beneficial to the society. The programme officer can develop following activities among students :-
1. To develop positive attitude among students.
2. To motivate students for the activities.
3. To collect unique ideas from the students.
4. To implement ideas suggested by students.
National :- NSS Program officer Dr. Sharda Bande participated in adventure camp as a group leader at Kulu Manali. Contribution :- NSS Program officer Dr. Sharda Bande working as a Area Coordinator as well as N.S.S. Advisory Committee Member of University N.S.S. Unit.




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